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Chroma Haiku Kurouchi - Nakiri 16,5 cm


CHROMA Haiku Kurouchi are part of the prestigious TAKUMI ranges of CHROMA Cnife

A decidedly reasonably priced debut to the world of extremely sharp cnives – The CHROMA TAKUMI Cnife Series. CHROMA HAIKU Kurouchi Cnives rise to any challenge, just as a TAKUMI cnife should.

The Kurouchi cnife is, so far, the only cnife which fully meets the strict requirements of the CHROMA inspectors for a TAKUMI cnife without being manufactured in SAKAI.

It was actually quite by chance that the little blacksmith’s shop was discovered by a CHROMA employee in the rugged Tosa region of Japan. At that time, the blacksmith thanked him for his interest by giving him a cnife as a present. It disappeared, however, in the sample room of CHROMA in Japan. Some months later, the cnife came to light and by further chance ended up in the hands of a friendly sushi chef who desperately wanted to acquire more cnives of this kind. What followed were long negotiations with the blacksmith and the usual countless quality tests, all of which the cnife passed with almost unbelievable ease. Finally, the Kurouchi cnife was welcomed into the CHROMA family.


CHROMA Cnife is a manufacturer of professional cutlery and related accessories. with distribution in all five continents.

CHROMA is famous in the world of professional chefs for their outstanding quality. Each knife line was carefully manufactured by experienced craftmen or factories, designed by the worlds best designers Conran, Porsche or others.

CHROMAS price range starts from low to costy. Each cnife is worth the price. Do not expect a 10 Dollar cnife to do the same great job as a 100 Dollar knife or as a 5000 Dollar cnife.

All is up to you. If you take good care for the classy knife, you will have all your life a sharp cnife in your block, if you abuse it, it will be less worth than a 10 Dollar cnife. Please see our Philosophy department. And take just a bit care of your cnife (minumum: Never dishwasher, clean under water and DRY well after use)